Monday, June 30, 2008

Cycle 3 - CD15 - My HSG story

Last Friday (CD 12) was very event full. I went to the clinic for my blood draw and ultrasound at 11:30am. This time my veins totally refused to co-operate. After 5 pricks and 3 different nurses, they were able to get enough blood for the estradiol measurement. Before I could sigh with relief I started feeling dizzy and I passed out. They made me sniff ammonium salts and I tried standing and passed out again. So I was instructed to rest for 30min and drink 2 glasses of apple juice. Finally I got better but I was already late for my HSG appointment at the hospital. So they wanted me to come back after the HSG for the ultrasound. I was not allowed to walk and hence my husband wheeled me out to the car and we left to the hospital.

We reached the hospital at 12:45pm and since I had already pre-registered on the phone I was all set for the procedure at 1:00pm. That was when I realised that, in all the blood draw drama I had forgotten to take pain killers for the procedure. It was too late and so I decided to go ahead without any pain killers (read not because I was too brave but I was still lightheaded and was not thinking straight). So I waited in my wheel chair till the nurse called out my name. Since I had passed out they decided to let my husband stay with me for the procedure. I was asked to undress from waist down and get on the examination table. The doctor walked in and told me that since I had already fainted for the day, I do not get to faint again. He explained the procedure to me and was very cheerful and I was feeling a bit relaxed. So first he inserted the speculum and then cleaned the cervix with some antiseptic solution. He gave me a shot in my cervix to numb it. This felt like a pin prick and then the catheter was inserted into the cervix. He asked me to move forward in the table to be directly under the x-ray machine. Finally he started to inject the dye. I felt minor cramps at this point but nothing more than a 2 on my pain scale. The dye flowed easily through my left tube and with some extra pressure it started spilling out beautifully from the right tube too. At this point I felt a sharp pain maybe a 4 on the pain scale but only for a second. Before I could feel relived the doctor told me that everything looked great but the uterus was a little narrow. He said that it could be some muscle pushing on it or a fibroid. Since I was going back to the clinic for my ultrasound he said that he would talk to the tech before the procedure so that she can check for fibroids. The whole procedure lasted 15min and was not pain full as I expected. Either I had a good pain tolerance level or my doctor was quiet skill full. Even after I came home I spotted only for a couple of hours but did not have any cramping.

So with a heavy heart and enough prayers I went back to the clinic. The ultrasound had both good news and bad. Before I talk about the news I have to say that it was very uncomfortable to have a transvaginal ultrasound after a HSG procedure. The good news was there were no fibroids and my uterus looked smooth and even. The bad news was there were no big follicles. So the nurse asked me to continue the clomid (150mg) for 3 more days and come back for blood test and ultrasound today.

So this morning I went to the clinic and I was quiet worried about the blood test. Usually I go alone for my appointments, but this time my husband insisted that he come with me as he did not want me to drive alone to work if I was feeling lightheaded again. Thankfully my veins were happy and I needed just one prick for the blood draw. The ultrasound revealed no big follicles. Bummer. So I get to continue the clomid for another couple of days and go back for US and blood test.

For the past 4 days I've been having terrible insomnia. I am just not able to sleep and because of this I get a migraine everyday and I feel very tired and depressed. My nurse tells me that the increased dosage of clomid could cause insomnia and they want to me take sleeping pills in the night. I am not comfortable taking more drugs cause I have so much already in my system so I am to going try some natural remedy like drinking warm milk and taking a shower before bed. I am hoping that the follicles start maturing soon and I get to stop the dread full clomid. My estradiol values 116 on cd10 and 191 on cd 12. Last cycle with clomid 100mg my estradiol value was 143 on cd10. I am not sure why my body is not responding as well as it did with a lower dose of clomid. I am still waiting to hear back today's estradiol value and then that will determine how many more days I take clomid.

On the whole it was an event full weekend and the part I dreaded the most was the easiest. So I am back to my hot flashes, migraines and sleeplessness.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cycle 3 - CD10

Blood Tests are usually not a big deal for most people but for some extra special people like me they are a HUGE deal. I have always needed more than one prick for a successful blood test so I was not surprised that nothing came out during the first prick this morning. Thankfully the second time was the charm. There have been times when I had to be pricked 4 times for a blood sample so being pricked twice was nothing. I feel sorry for nurses though, cos the nurse this morning was feeling miserable that she did not do it right. I kept telling her that its my vein that's not co-operating and not her.

Anyway I just got the call from my NP and she says that the Estradiol is at 116. Its better than what it was during my last clomid (100mg) cycle CD10 but not enough. So I continue clomid (150mg) for 2 more days and go back on Friday - CD12 for another blood test and ultrasound. I also have my big HSG appointment on Friday, so I get to go up on the stirrups twice that day. What fun. I am still dreading the HSG procedure. I have severe heart burn and so I usually try to avoid Ibuprofen. My doc tells me that Tylenol does not do the job so I want to know if taking vicodin has the same effect as taking 4, 200mg Ibuprofen tablets.

With the increased clomid dosage apart from the regular side effect of hot flashes and migraines, I am also having severe nausea. I hope that by Friday my Estradiol rises significantly and that I get to stop the clomid.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cycle 3 - CD8

Like always I am having terrible side effects with clomid. I get a migraine almost everyday accompanied by nausea and hot flashes. I wish these side effects become bearable with time. Last month I took clomid for 13 days but I am hoping with the increased dosage I wouldnt need it for that long. This is my mind speaking, dont know what my body has to say.

My husband has been terribly patient with all my mood swings. He even helps around the house a lot, as it is very difficult for me to function with these migraines. I am so grateful to have found him.

Since we havent told anyone about our IF struggle this blog helps me vent out my feelings and insecurites without being judged. There are things that I cant tell my husband at times but its easier for me to pen it down here. I guess this is a form of therapy for me. It honestly helps.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cycle 3 - CD4

So yesterday (cd3) was my baseline ultrasound. In typical PCOS fashion I had 11 follicles on the rt ovary and 28 (yes you read that right) on the lt ovary. The uterus looked good and so I was given the go ahead for clomid. I've started taking 150mg of clomid everyday till cd9 when I go back for bloodwork. Usually my migraines start after about 3 days of clomid so I guess I still have one more day to enjoy. I also got my HSG scheduled for next friday afternoon(cd12).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cycle 3 - CD2 - The Plan

The nurse from the doctors office called me with the plan. I will get an ultrasound tomorrow (CD3) for a baseline. I take clomid 150mg CD3 thru CD9. I go for a blood test on June 25 (CD10) to check if my estrogen level has reached 300. Based on the estrogen level we proceed from there. I also need to go for a HSG on June 24. This might be an IUI cycle with progesterone shots during the 2ww.
I am not looking forward to starting clomid cause I get both hot flashes and migraines, but its worth it if this is gonna get me the baby that I so badly want. Apart from the clomid I am scared about the HSG procedure this cycle. The nurse has advised me to take 800mg of advil 20min before the procedure and has promised that it will be over in 20min. Lets just hope for the best.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cycle 3 - CD1

So today I started bleeding. Even though it is depressing I am happy that I started bleeding on my own. This would be my first ovulation in 3 years. I have always needed prometrium to bring on a bleeding in the past. I am waiting to hear from my RE's office regarding the plan for the next cycle. Most likely it would be HSG, extended clomid, IUI and progesterone supplements.

Like in many households I am the one who does the research and surfing the net abt TTC all the time. My husband is more subdued but he patiently listens to my ramblings about findings everyday. Yesterday when I was telling him about how I think we should proceed he was just listening. I accused him of not taking part in the discussion and told him that once in a while it will be nice to hear him say "Yeah lets do this or that". He simply said "Everymonth its you who has to take these crazy medicines and suffer with the side effects. So anything you want is fine with me." I was so relieved to know that he did get me afterall. Even though he doesnt express it often he does feel bad for my hot flashes, mood swings and migraines. Since we havent told anyone about our IF struggle I so badly needed him to understand and I am so glad he does.

My first Post

I am not new the blogging world but fairly new to the TTC blogging world. I have been following a couple of TTC blogs for the past few months and decided to start my own to share my story with the world. I am hoping that this would help me vent out my feelings and frustrations and stay sane through this difficult period.

I've been TTC since March 2007. Because of PCOS I was annovulatory. I started Metformin 1500mg/day in September 2007 and it helped me loose about 8 lbs but did not help me with the ovulation.

January 2008, I had surgery to remove a big dermoid cyst from my right ovary. Thankfully my ob-gyn was able to save my ovary. Since it was an open surgery I was asked not to TTC and was in recovery for 2 months.

April 2008 we met with an RE. My cd3 FSH and EH came back normal and I took clomid - 100mg from cd5 thru cd9. My cd10 clomid challenge test FSH and EH level came back normal. Ultrasound on cd18 revealed no follicle growth.

May 2008, my RE recommended the extended clomid cycle where I take clomid continously and they monitor me with US and bloodword and stop clomid when the follicles have reached the desired size. I took clomid 100mg from cd 3 - cd 15. Ultasound on cd 16 revealed one 15mm follicle on the rt ovary and blood work revealed EH - 346. Stopped clomid and used OPK for 4 days. No LH surge was detected. Ultrasound on cd 21 revealed one 22mm follicle on the rt ovary. HCG - 10,000 unit trigger shot was administered. 8dpo progesterone test came back with a low progesterone value of 5. BFN on cd 35.