Monday, April 27, 2009


Yes I am in my third trimester and still find it difficult to believe I have come this far. The baby's movements have changed so much in the past few weeks and I feel her throughout the day. Instead of kicks I keep feeling her pushing and pulling trying to find more space inside me. From the outside it really feels like I have an alien trying to jump out any minute. My husband likes watching her move and finds it funny. In my 28th weeks doctor's visit my tummy measurement was 3 weeks ahead and so I have to go for an ultrasound this week to make sure everything looks fine on the inside. I am not too worried about it, as my weight gain has been pretty steady (about 14lbs so far) and I passed my diabetes test.

My baby shower was 4 weeks ago and it was so nice to meet most of my in town friends under the same roof. They all keep telling me that I look nice and have the pregnancy glow and that worries me that I will look terrible after I deliver. We have bought most of the major baby stuff that we need but they are all in their boxes and need assembling. I have even bought a lot of clothes for her as it was very difficult to resist those cute lil pink outfits. I guess these are some of the benefits oh having a girl. We painted the nursery this weekend and have the wall paper borders up. I guess the nursery should be all set and ready in another 2 weeks.

I do have braxton hicks contractions almost every day but they are still not painful and last only for a couple of seconds. Sleeping has become very uncomfortable these days. No matter how many pillows I use for support my hips, back, neck and ribs take turn hurting. Once in a while that makes me want the next few weeks to fly as soon as possible but deep inside I really want this time to last as long as possible. I love feeling her inside me and its like I have developed a connection with her and want to keep her protected. Our birthing classes start next week and slowly we have to try and have the house ready for her. We need to have the whole house cleaned, set up & assemble all her furniture and wash her clothes in the coming weeks. I also need to finish up stuff at work before my maternity leave kicks off. So blogging often is going to be difficult but I will still try to update as much as possible.