Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cycle3, CD34, 10DPO

Symptoms so far:
          1DPO - Heaviness in lower abdomen, pain, bloating
          2DPO - Heaviness in lower abdomen, pain, bloating
          3DPO - bloating
          4DPO - cramping in the lower abdomen
          5-9DPO - Pretty much nothing except the occasional twinge in the lower abdomen (this could also be the work of my infertile mind over analyzing).

I was on antibiotics in the middle of this cycle for a cold and now have a very bad yeast infection. I tried Monistat 7 two days ago and was in unbearable pain. The itching, burning increased a lot and I had to stop using the Monistat. This morning my nurse checked me and confirmed that it is indeed a yeast infection and has given me a prescription for Difflucan. A lot of people have mentioned that difflucan is not a good option during pregnancy so I am still a little concerned about taking it. For now I am going to use the external Monistat cream and hope it gets better. If not I will have to end up taking the difflucan. Also because of the internal exam I am having some cramping now.

I went for my day 21 (7DPO) progesterone draw and the value came up at 44.5  which I think is really good. I have never seen anything this high. My past cycle values have been 5, 10, 15 and 19. This cycle has been really really hard for me so far. It could be because I used a lot more medication that I have in the past or it could be because both DH and I are still mad at each other about multiples or it could be because I had to switch doctors in the middle of the cycle or it could be because I have to now drive 1.5hrs (one way) to my doctor's clinic instead of the 25min that  I used to. I hope this was all worth it and I get some good news soon. My beta is scheduled for next Tuesday and I am thinking of testing at home on Saturday which would be 13DPO.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cycle3, CD26, 2DPO

After all the drama from the previous weeks this cycle did end up with an IUI (If this works I might have to go back to my previous clinic and tell them that they were wrong).

CD18-CD19: 300IU Menopur
lining - 11.1mm
rt ovary - 12.5mm
lt ovary - 11.1mm, 12.6mm, 11.6mm, 11.6mm
estradiol - 759

The nurse spoke to me about both follicle reduction and foetal reduction. I was open to the follicle reduction at that point.

CD20: 300IU Menopur + Ganirelix
CD21: 225IU Menopur + Ganirelix

lining - 15.49mm
rt ovary - 12.5mm
lt ovary - 18.3mm, 14.3mm, 13.3mm, 13.3mm
estradiol - 853

CD22: 225IU Menopur + Ganirelix

lining - 11.86mm
rt ovary - 19.4mm
lt ovary - 21.4mm, 19.7mm, 13mm

They again offered follicle reduction but we decided against it. Our chances of getting pregnant with twins was less than 8% and chances of triplets were less than 5%. We also decided to do 2 back to back IUI's.

CD24: IUI 1
DH's post wash count was 105million.The IUI was easy, with very less discomfort.

CD25: IUI 2
DH's post wash count was 71million. I had some mild heaviness, bloating and pain in my abdomen and so the nurse did an ultrasound after the IUI. Everything looked OK and she said that I was ovulating.

Now I am officially in the 2 week wait. I will be doing HCG shots for luteal phase progesterone support on 2/21, 2/24 and 2/27. I will also go in for progesterone tests on 2/27 and 2/29 and for beta on 03/06.

This cycle my body has needed about 66 vials of Menopur and 3 Ganirelix shots to produce 3 good follicles. The doctor thinks that I would be a better candidate for IVF and we are also beginning to accept the idea. IVF is definitely more expensive but we always run the risk of multiples and over stimulation with injectables in my case and it also takes forever and uses a lot of meds. For now I am hoping that this cycle I would get pregnant with a singleton.

There is lots of tension in the home front because DH wants to go for a foetal reduction in case of multiples and I am completely against it. Now he even thinks that he does not want another child. I am hoping that its just his fear of multiples talking and he will calm down soon. Life is hard and hopefully I will get some much needed good news in 2 weeks.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cycle3, CD18 - A Big Rollercoaster Ride

CD12-CD13: 300IU Menopur
lining - 9.52mm

rt ovary - 8.73mm, 7.34mm, 7.47mm, 5.62mm, 5.52mm
lt ovary - 9.94mm, 8.89mm, 8.27mm, 6.94mm, 6.12
estradiol - 114

The nurse called me last Thursday and asked me continue with the same dosage of Menopur and come back again on Friday (CD15).

CD14: 300IU Menopur
lining - 9.17mm

rt ovary - 8.25mm, 7.88mm, 7.90mm, 7.73mm, 6.2mm
lt ovary - 8.7mm, 8.05mm, 7.02mm, 6.62mm
estradiol - 183

The nurse calls me in the evening and wants me to cancel. I did not see that coming. They were in complete panic mode and kept saying that if I continue I would definitely overstimulate. I was confused and very disappointed.

When I went through all of this 3 years ago I saw Dr.A at the same clinic. However since then he has moved out of the clinic and started his own which is about 1.5hrs away. Since the current clinic is only 25min away from my house I decided to go with the same clinic but different doctor (Dr. V) who is much younger and with less experience. So after Friday's drama I decided to change my RE and called Dr.A's clinic to see what they recommend (I had seen Dr.A 2 months ago to get a second opinion on how to proceed). Surprisingly they were happy to take me mid-cycle and wanted me to come on Saturday. The current clinic refuse to give me my stim sheets so I took all the numbers from my blog and went to see Dr. A. He was more than happy to have me back and was amazed that I had kept such good notes for all my cycles (Thanks to blogging). On Saturday's ultrasound the follicles were all still below 10mm and since my Estradiol is not high he wants me to continue with the same medication. We are back on track and even though I have to drive about 3hrs (both ways) every other morning I am more than happy to continue this cycle. We have used a lot of medication already and I don't know how much more I am going to need. Hopefully I get pregnant this time.

CD16-CD17: 300IU Menopur

lining - ?
rt ovary - small ones less than 10mm
lt ovary - 12mm, small ones less than 10mm
estradiol - 397

I go back in 2 days for my next ultrasound.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cycle3, CD12

We did a repeat SA on my DH in December. The morphology increased from 1% (in September) to 7%. I guess the supplements are working. We waited till Jan for the new insurance to kick in. I switched to a new insurance that claimed to cover up to 8000$ for infertility testing and treatment. After many phone calls to the company we have realised that they only cover procedures and not medication. In my case I spend about 2500-3000$ per cycle for medicated IUI's. My nurse thinks that I should consider moving on to IVF to get the most out of my insurance coverage but I am not too sure yet. Both me and DH have our own concerns about IVF and I will have to write a post about that later.
So we started this cycle on Jan 27th with a progesterone induced withdrawal bleed. During my injectable cycle that worked (resulting in DD) 3yrs ago, I used about 30 vials of Menopur. For the Femara-Menopur combination cycle in August I used about 29 vials of medication and for the Sep-Oct Menopur only cycle I used 49 vials of medication. The doctor decided to start at a higher dose of Menopur this cycle in hopes that my body would need less. So far I don't think its working.

lining - 4.9mm

CD4-CD6: 225IU Menopur

lining - 7.77mm
rt ovary - 4.9mm, 4.18mm
lt ovary - 7.43mm, 7.26mm, 6.42mm, 4.16mm
estradiol - 50

CD7-CD9: 225IU Menopur

CD10: (at the main office)
lining - 9.62mm

rt ovary - 5.98mm, 5.72mm, 4.8mm, 4.31mm
lt ovary - 9.5mm, 8.29mm, 7.41mm, 7.23mm, 6.17mm
estradiol - 59

CD10-CD11: 225IU Menopur
lining - 8.7mm

rt ovary - 9.56mm, 7.57mm, 6.1mm, 4.95mm
lt ovary - 9.39mm, 8.15mm, 8.13mm, 8.1mm
estradiol - 53

Since the follicles are all still small and estradiol has gone down they are upping my dose to 300IU for 2 days and I go back for blood work and ultrasound on Thursday. I am already losing hope on this cycle and beginning to think that it will be cancelled because of too many follicles. If that does happen then I am moving to a diff clinic for the next cycle, simply because I believe that this current doctor does not know how to treat me and produce less follicles. I so badly want this to work.