Thursday, January 22, 2009


Between work and feeling tired and having cramps and lower abdominal pain I hardly find time to post on my blog. This week we had my second OB appointment and it went well. I have gained about 3 pounds since my last appointment and my BP was at 108/66 so I guess that was pretty good. I have been having lots of lower abdominal pain when I walk. Sometimes it's unbearable but mostly its only uncomfortable. My OB thinks that it must be because of stretching of the ligament and scar tissue (from my ovarian surgery). They have also taken an urine sample to check for UTI and I will be getting the results tomorrow. I hope I don't have to take the antibiotic again as it makes me very nauseous. Tic Tac's heartbeat was at the high 150's and my uterus is right at my belly button. They will start measuring my uterus from my next visit onwards. We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for Feb18 and we have decided to find out the sex (I hope Tic Tac co-operates).

Because of my pre-pregnancy tummy I already look like 30weeks and feel like an elephant although my husband assures me that I look pretty. He has been so supportive and has been saying just the right things. We still haven't looked at any major baby stuff and will probably start after the 20 week ultrasound.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sorry to be missing so much. My nausea is still there and we had so many people over for the holidays and hence both me and DH were busy cleaning and cooking all the time.

My first OB visit was exactly 2 weeks ago. The clinic seemed nice and the nurse spoke to us for about 30min. She enquired so much about out medical history and explained to us most of the pregnancy stuff. Because of my PCOS I am at high risk for both GD and Pre-E so they wanted to run a couple of blood tests for those. She collected my urine sample, measured my weight and bp and then we met with one of the 5 doctors. The doctor seemed nice and was very friendly. She was able to find the heartbeat immediately with a doppler and said that it was around 160. I tried to talk her out of giving me a pap exam but she insisted and that hurt a bit, but nothing too bad. Then she did a pelvic exam and felt my tummy and then we were all good to go to the lab for the blood tests. The only disturbing thing about the visit was she said that I can choose to stop Metformin or continue to take it for the rest of my pregnancy. I was surprised that she let me make the decision. My RE advised taking metformin for at least 15weeks so I am going to stick to that and then decide. They gave me 50gms of glucola to drink before I met with the doctor so we went for my lab work exactly an hr later. They had to get about 7 tubes of blood out of me for all the infinite tests and I almost passed out at the end. They made me lie down and have some juice and then I was allowed to leave after 15min.

A week later I called the clinic to get my results and they promised a nurse would call me back. She called me later in the evening and she told me that my urine came back positive for some bacteria and hence I have to start antibiotics. Since I don't have any symptoms they think I have a silent UTI. I tried to get my other results from her but she was in such a hurry that she told me everything else was normal but refused to give me actual values. I felt a little frustrated because she did not explain much about the antibiotic either, regarding what side effects I should look out for. Anyway I guess it was the holidays and hence the busy attitude. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and I hope this does not happen again.

I have been taking Macrobid (antibiotic) twice daily for the past one week and today is my last day. I cant wait to stop it because my nausea has become really worse with the pill. At least I am hoping its the antibiotic. I go back to see a different OB again on the 20th. During our last visit they gave us the option to choose what genetic testing we wanted. We opted out of the nuchal test (given in the first trimester) and are considering going for the second trimester maternal serum test.

Last night I did some prenatal yoga following Tracey Mallet's 3 in 1 pregnancy system. I used to do yoga regularly a few years ago but haven't done much recently. I did the yoga for about 60min and felt really light headed by the end of it. I guess I have to slow down the next time. Then after dinner I was watching TV and at around 11pm I had real difficulty breathing. I know breathlessness is common in pregnancy but this was worse. I tried lying down on my back and on my side, sitting upright but nothing helped. It lasted for an hour and a half and I was feeling very dizzy by then. We called the OB number and a doctor got back to us immediately. She said that I should go to the ER and get it checked. I decided to lie down for some more time and within 30min I started feeling better so we did not make the trip to the ER. I am planning to talk to the OB today and find out why it happened and how I prevent it from happening again. I also want to make sure that my difficulty breathing did not affect Tic Tac in anyway.

A Happy New Year to all and I hope this year brings in lots of good news our ways.