Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last week was my routine OB appointment for the month. My bp was only 91/41 and my iron was low too. At 12 weeks it was at 37 and at 20 weeks it was at 36. Last week it went down to 31. They want me to start iron supplements (which suck because they give me real bad heartburn). Both the low bp and low iron could explain the dizziness and the breathing trouble that I have on and off. My weight gain so far has been 11pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. The doctor found tic tac's heart beat immediately and it was around the high 150's. She also measured my fundal height and it came back at 25cm which she said was perfect. The whole visit lasted only 10-15 min and they gave me the lab slip for the gestational diabetes and iron test, that I get to take during my next visit which will be at 28weeks.

The lil one was kicking all the time for the past 4 days and I was totally enjoying yet. It gives me so much joy to feel her inside me and sometimes I just want it to last always. We had a bit of a scare today as she did not kick since last afternoon for about 20hrs. Honestly both me and my husband were terrified and thought of all the worst case scenarios. I even called my OB's office and they asked me to come for a checkup and then finally I tried drinking apple juice one more time and then she kicked. There are no words that can explain the relief that both me and my husband felt. In fact we were a lil angry at her for worrying us so much. My husband said that we are already parents as we worry about her so much and suddenly I realized how emotionally connected we are to the lil one even before meeting her. I hope I don't have to go through this again and just want her kicking me all the time (even if it hurts sometimes).

When all the worst case scenarios were playing in my mind, the one thing I was sure of was if something did happen to her then I will not want to have any more kids. I have never thought like this before but this morning I was so sure that if something went wrong I will not be able to go through it again.

I just felt her kick and I guess its her way of telling me that she will not scare me again. I love her so much already.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I started feeling tiny little flutters by the end of week 20. It started getting stronger by the day and now I feel her regularly at different times of the day. She loves kicking right after I eat my meal and she kicks all over the place too. One min it is my lower abdomen and the next near my belly button and then she changes position again. No matter what time of the day or where I am there is a smile on my face every time I feel her kick. This is such a nice feeling and I am so happy I am finally getting to experience it. I still cant feel the kicks on the outside. Being inside, if she can bring me so much joy I am sure once she is out I am going to be on cloud nine permanently. I am so in love with my lil girl already.

My husband came down with a cold last week and successfully I managed to get it from him. Its day 4 of cold, cough and sore throat for me and I am feeling like shit. I am so congested and have been breathing through my mouth. I tried taking sudafed for my congestion last night and it kept me awake the whole night. So no more sudafed for me. Robitussin seems to help my cough but the relief is temporary. I know I will have to tough it out and wait for it to take its course but still it gets to me at times. Again its my lil girl cheering me with her kicks and that keeps me going. Cant wait to meet her already.