Tuesday, June 2, 2009


During last week's doctor's appointment tic tac measured 3 weeks ahead (last time she was 4.5 weeks ahead) and is head down. Heart rate was in the 150's and my bp was 100/60. No protein or sugar in my urine so everything is healthy so far. I am happy she is slowing down. We have an ultrasound scheduled for next week and we will have a better idea by then. Pregnancy wise I have a lot of new symptoms lately.
  • My belly button has almost completely popped.
  • I have dark stretch marks all over my belly (started at around 5 months).
  • Baby is very very active every time I sit or lie down to sleep. We keep feeling her legs or her butt just below my ribcage.
  • Sleeping is getting really difficult as turning or changing positions is very hard.
  • Sometimes when I am lying down she moves really high that she totally compresses my diaphragm and hence breathing gets real difficult. I need to sit down or stand and wait for her to move down.
  • I have started panting while climbing stairs (this had stopped at around 12 weeks).
  • Long walks are difficult as after 20min she puts a lot of pressure on my bladder and pelvic bone that I need a rest. (I am guessing this is a good sign though).

Next week based on her weight at the ultrasound we get to decide I we want to induce before my due date. I really hoping I will go into labor on my own and will start home labor induction methods after 37weeks. We also finished all our classes at the hospital. The birthing class was the most useful where they went over a lot of natural labor induction techniques, position & exercises for coping with labor pain and relaxation techniques during contractions. I loved the nurse who taught the class and in fact she offered to come help as a doula free of charge if I went to labor on a holiday or a weekend (she works during the week). The next class was about baby care. It covered swaddling, very basic diapering, feeding & burping and giving baby a sponge bath. Then we attended a breastfeeding class but that did not cover anything about pumps (which is something that I am planning to use). On the whole I felt that the birthing class was the most useful. I have 4 more weeks before I start my maternity leave but my plans might change after next week's ultrasound.

We still have some more cleaning to do in the house and I still have to wash all baby clothes. I am trying to get an organic baby detergent and would love to hear some suggestions.