Friday, December 19, 2008


Last week my progesterone increased to a 21 and hence my RE stopped the PIO shots and he also decided that I am ready to move on to my OB. I managed to convince him for one last ultrasound and today we saw a beautiful healthy baby inside me. The minute I saw the screen I was sure I was seeing an already stored image or something. Both me and my husband weren't sure that it was the image of TicTac because it has grown so much in the past 2 weeks. It kept moving the whole time and so it was very difficult for the tech to get the heart rate. After sometime she was able to measure it at 160beats/min. It kept moving its hands and legs the whole time. Both me and my husband were so much in awe and kept looking at the screen and so I never asked for the CRL measurement or my cervical length. The baby measured at 12w and so I guess it was all good. She also said that the placenta and the umbilical cord looked good. Again we have it all on video which means I will be keep watching it again and again. It was too early to find out the gender but both me and my husband feel its a boy. We will know for sure in another 8 weeks. Next Tuesday is my first OB appointment and I still don't have a clue what to ask them. I will try and make up a list of questions over the weekend.

Pregnancy wise the symptoms are still the same. Nausea in the morning and evening and ankle swelling in the evenings. I am hoping that the nausea will resolve in the next couple of weeks. I am so thankful to be here and I am sure I wouldn't be here without the support of you guys. Since I will be 12 weeks on Sunday we have decided to tell the news to our friends then. I will be real busy the next 2 weeks with the holidays and work. We are having a Christmas party at home for about 12 people and so planning and cooking for it is going to take a lot of my time. I will try and update after my OB visit on Tuesday.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Sorry that I have been missing lately. My pregnancy symptoms started at 6weeks and are at its peak now. I am tired all the time. The nausea keeps hitting at different times of the day and almost all evenings and nights. Since I work full time by the time I reach home I am very very tired and the nausea is bad so its been very difficult for me to cook. Because of the nausea I am not able to eat out and so my husband has taken charge of the kitchen. He has been doing so much around the house that I am literally being treated like a queen. Even though I feel guilty that he is doing more chores than I am I think soon I will get so used to this.

This week we had another ultrasound at 9w2d. TicTac was measuring 2 days ahead of schedule at 9w4d and everything looked good. The heartbeat was 161beats/min and we were able to record the whole session on video. Even though the baby is still tiny, measuring at 2.7cm (CRL) it kept moving its hands and legs as if it was waving at us. I am so glad we have it all on video as I am getting to watch it everyday. We also met with the doctor who said that I should get an appointment with an OB soon. He thinks that I will need progesterone supplementation for another 2 weeks and then I should be able to stop the PIO shots. My progesterone did increase to 19 this week from 17 last week (it was 14, 2 weeks ago) but they still want it at 20 or above. I have no complaints about the shots as they are pretty painless, I guess excess fat in your butt is useful sometimes.

After lots of consultation we narrowed down on a OB clinic and I called them for an appointment. The earliest is 3 weeks away. The receptionist asked very casually about how many times I've been pregnant before. I so badly wanted to tell her that this is my first and it was so damn hard to get here. She also said that at the first appointment they might not do an ultrasound unless its really necessary and she said that I would have monthly appointments after that. From being seen so many times in a week in a fertility clinic and getting an ultrasound every two weeks its a little difficult to go to a regular doctor and be one of their regular patients. I am not sure if I can rest at peace without an ultrasound for a long time. 2 of my very good friends had miscarriages at 10weeks and 16weeks and they did not have any symptoms at all. They went for a regular ultrasound and there was no heartbeat at all so this is one of the reasons why I need regular reassurances. I have read online about Doppler heart rate measuring instruments and am planning to ask my doctor if it is safe to use one. The OB clinic has 5 doctors and their policy is you get to see different doctors at each of your appointments. They do not assign a specific doctor for you. I am not sure if this is normal as I am used to a one doctor system for all these years.

For now I get to continue the twice a week PIO shots and get weekly blood tests. My first OB appointment is 12/23 and then I will have a better idea regarding whats in store for me. I will be 12 weeks at my first appointment.

Apart from the usual symptoms for the past 2 days I have noticed swelling in my ankles in the evenings. No pain or tingling associated with it and no swelling elsewhere so my doc thinks that I should increase my fluid intake and keep my feet raised as much as possible. I hope its not a big deal and it resolves soon. Hoping all is well with everyone.