Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cycle 5, FET1, CD30 - BFN

Aug30 - CD24 - Endometrin
                           Symptom - hot flashes

Aug31 - CD25 - Endometrin
                           Vivelle patches - 5
                            Symptom - migraine

Sep1 - CD26 - Endometrin
                        Symptom - migraine
                        HPT - BFN

Sep2 - CD27 - Endometrin
                         Vivelle patches - 5
                         Symptom - migraine
                         HPT - BFN

Sept3 - CD28 - HCG < 1, E2 - 245.75, P4 - 6.81
Sep4 - CD29 - Endometrin
                         Vivelle patches - 5

Sep5 - CD30 - Endometrin

I do not understand why my clinic wants me to continue all medication till my second beta even thought my first one came at less than 1. I so badly want to be done with this cycle and move on. I cried some over the weekend when the HPT's turned up negative and so was prepared for the actual beta results. Tomorrow I go for my second beta and then I get to stop all medication (personally I do not have any hope and feel like wasting the medication). Slowly a fear of not being able to have another child is creeping in. We still have 2 more frozen embryo's to try. Hopefully that should work.


Turia said...

Oh CG, I'm so sorry. :(

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm so sorry.

My clinic has me continue meds too. For my chemical, I asked to stop after 2nd beta, they didn't initially want me to. With my 2nd miscarriage, I finally told them at 6 weeks (after 2 weeks of crazy betas), can I stop since obviously this pregnancy isn't viable? Sometimes I don't get it.

I wish this cycle had turned out different. BIG HUG.

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