Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cycle 5, FET1, CD23

Aug23 - CD17 - Doxycycline
                           Vivelle patches - 5

Aug24 - CD18 - Doxycycline
                           Acupuncture before and after transfer.
                           Symptom - mild cramping

Transfer was a little harder than the previous time but not too painful. Transfer was done with an empty bladder and that cause some difficulty in visualizing the catheter through ultrasound. The doctor finally saw the catheter and transferred two embryo's. The 4AA embryo thawed perfectly, but the 3AA was not so good. The picture for the 3AA one looked quite different. Came home and started my 3 days of light activity.

Aug25 - CD19 - Doxycycline
                          Vivelle patches - 5
                          HCG Booster shot
                          Symptom - mild cramping, bloating, tiredness

Aug26 - CD20 - Endometrin
                           Symptom - sleepiness, tiredness

Aug27 - CD21 - E2 - 174, P4 - 6
                           Vivelle patches - 5
                           Symptom - hot flashes, lower back pain

Aug28 - CD22 - Endometrin
                           HCG Booster Shot
                           Symptom - hot flashes

Aug29 - CD23 - Endometrin
                           Vivelle patches - 5
                           Symptom - hot flashes, coming down with cold, mild  
I am going from extreme belief to extreme denial that this cycle is going to work. I really want it to and cannot believe I need to wait 5 more days for my first beta. As usual my clinic does not call after the first beta so I will have to call the lab directly and find out the results myself. I cannot do HPT's this time as I am giving myself the HCG booster shots. I am planning to do one on the day of beta - Sep3.

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Turia said...

The waiting is awful. I so hope this has worked!