Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cycle4, IVF1, CD16 - Egg Retrieval story

05/15/12 - CD14:
Morning - No meds (in preparation for ER)
Noon -  No meds
Evening - No meds
Night -  Metformin, Inositol, Cinnamon+Chromium, Doxycycline, Cabergoline, Chlor-trimeton

We went to the lab at around 8:15am and they took us back around 8:45am. The doctor answered our last minute questions and then I was taken inside. DH had to go for sperm collection. Once inside I was given the sedative through my IV and I was in my happy place (as the doctor called it) in seconds. I remember waking up in the recovery room and the nurse told me that they got 31 eggs. The whole procedure only lasted 20minutes. That was a really good number and the doctor was able to get to my right ovary too. I came by really fast and was able to keep down water and crackers, so they kept me in recovery for about 20min and then let me go home. I was asleep for most of the way and came home and dozed on & off till about 6pm. I think because of the pain medication I was totally fine till then. At 6 I started having pain, bloating and uncomfortable feeling in the tummy. I took tylenol for it and took it easy for the rest of the day. Sleeping was hard and I kept tossing and turning. They also told me that I am at high risk for hyperstimulation and so have been watching my weight since then. The cabergoline and chlor-trimeton was added to help prevent this.

05/16/12 - CD15:
Morning - Baby aspirin, Metformin, Inositol, Cinnamon+Chromium, Doxycycline
Noon -  Cinnamon+Chromium, Iron, Prenatals
Evening - Cinnamon+Chromium, VitD
Night -  Metformin, Inositol, Cinnamon+Chromium, Doxycycline, Cabergoline, Chlor-trimeton

The nurse called me with the fertilization report. Out of 31 retrieved only 15 were mature (this was quite shocking to us) and out of 15 mature eggs 11 fertilized with ICSI. We were a little down for the rest of the day as we were expecting a bigger number and the nurse re-assured us that PCOS does produce a lot of eggs but many immature ones. The symptoms were the same with pain and bloating in the tummy and looking 5 months pregnant. Still no weight gain or breathlessness.

05/17/12 - CD16:
Morning - Baby aspirin, Metformin, Inositol, Cinnamon+Chromium, Doxycycline, Endometrin
Noon -  Cinnamon+Chromium, Iron, Prenatals, Medrol, Endometrin
Evening - Cinnamon+Chromium, VitD
Night -  Metformin, Inositol, Cinnamon+Chromium, Doxycycline, Cabergoline, Chlor-trimeton, Endometrin

The nurse called me with the embryo status this morning. Out of 11 fertilized embryos 10 were still growing. We have 4 at grade 1 (excellent), 4 at grade 2 (good), 1 at grade 3 (ok) and 1 at grade 4 (not ok). She said that it was a great report and most likely I will be having a 5dt. I am still waiting for her confirmation call after checking with the doctor. Today's news has been more promising and we hope and that we have atleast a couple grade 1's to pick from for our transfer. I will be nice to have some frozen ones too. We are sure that we want to put back only one grade 1 embryo if possible.



I Believe in Miracles said...

That all sounds pretty good and normal. I feel they retrieve ALL eggs these days, even ones that aren't mature and that makes for a big difference in numbers retrieved vs. fertilization. Keep us posted! xoxo

Turia said...

I just went back and checked my blog to see what happened with our last cycle. I had 34 eggs, 25 mature, and 17 fertilized with ICSI. We went to a 5 day transfer, and by the end we had 2 blastocysts to transfer, and we froze two others on day 6.

I do remember being shocked by the drop between the initial fertilization and the number that actually made it to blast, but I think this is very normal.

Thanks for the update. I hope you are drinking Gatorade like crazy! Hang in there and keep us posted.


Dandelion Breeze said...

Great result... 10 is a wonderful number and still so much higher than average - esp with 4 grade-1's :)) FXd for you and your embies xoxo